I turned 40 last month, been running a startup for 5 years, and married for 15. Thought this is a good time to spew some gyan on turning old(er), being a founder, and give one piece of advice on marriage.

I have no sadness in turning older. For some reason…

We are building a product that reviews code like how a developer would, for parameters that we’ve seen mostly matter in the real world, which is the ability to write clean code — code that others can read and understand.

You can read here about why and how we built…


We have a team that can build great tech products, and build them the right way (Geektrust & Codu are our homegrown products). We’re looking for companies who want their product built and are interested in our services. …

We’re hiring a customer happiness associate to be a part of Geektrust!

Geektrust helps developers connect with great opportunities. We believe resumes are an awful way of finding good developers. Where you studied or where you’ve worked in the past is really no indication of your current skill. …

Codu high level architecture

“What? Automating for clean code?” followed by a look of skepticism is what happens when we talk about building Codu.

Well, the best way to convince folks, is to show, rather than tell. So go ahead, apply to get access if you’re interested to see if it works.

We’re building an ML product that’ll review for clean code.

It will review just like someone from your senior tech team would.

For parameters that matter in the real world — readability, maintainability, object modelling etc. AFAIK this is the first such product in the world.

The story

We’re Geektrust and we…

A data perspective.

Do you know the average time for your company to shortlist a candidate? Average number of days it takes to complete the interview process? Time to offer?

And do these numbers matter?

Yes, they do. The speed and intent that you show in your recruitment process, defines…

Leaving our corporate career and starting something of our own is a dream for many people. The number of people who wrote in to me when they read my blog on why I was leaving ThoughtWorks is testimony to this.

Well, I’ve lived that dream, and I thought I should…

I have something to say

And something to say has me

Imperfections, thats what I want to talk about

Cause it's important and may help thee

If your mind could be free

You have no idea what it could do for you

But your mind is not, is it not

Bangalore is the 3rd fastest-growing startup centre in the world. It’s fairly obvious that we have great talent here. However, finding this talent is hard. More so, when you’re trying to hire from far away.

This is the problem we solved for a niche tech consulting firm from Melbourne.


Krishnan Nair

Co-founder, geektrust.in

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